LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Prosecutors in the Margaret Rudin murder trial read from her diary Tuesday as they tried to show that the former socialite never trusted her millionaire husband and ended up wanting him dead.

Rudin covered her face with her hands as the jury was read portions of her diary detailing the alleged infidelities of her husband, Ron Rudin, and how she listened to his telephone conversations by wiretaps.

Just three weeks into the marriage, Rudin wrote in her diary that she thought she made a mistake in marrying her husband. Rudin also detailed listening to her husband talking to another woman about sex.

Prosecutors believe Rudin spied on her real estate developer husband for years, never trusted him and finally murdered him to end the rocky marriage and get his money.

Ron Rudin disappeared in 1994. A month later, fishermen found his bullet-riddled remains stuffed in an antique trunk and dumped on the shore of Lake Mohave. The 64-year-old Rudin had also been decapitated and set on fire.

Margaret Rudin, his 56-year-old fifth wife, had waited two days to report him missing.

She disappeared just before she was indicted in 1997 and eluded authorities for more than two years, changing her appearance and her name. A tip from an ``America's Most Wanted'' viewer led to her capture in 1999 in Revere, Mass., where she was living.

In addition to murder, Rudin also is charged with illegal wiretapping. The defense claims Rudin had no idea the equipment was illegal. She faces a maximum penalty of life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges.