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Northern Ireland Man Shot to Death in Bed

September 7, 1990

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) _ Intruders shot and killed a man Friday while he was in bed, police said.

The Royal Ulster Constabulary said the 34-year-old Catholic man died soon after he was shot five times in the head and body by at least two assailants. His girlfriend was in bed with him at the time of the shooting, police said.

The man’s companion, her two children and a friend spending the night at the south Belfast house were unharmed, police said.

Police detectives said the dead man, identified as Emmanuel Shields, had no connection to the security forces, and they were afraid the killing was a random attack by Protestant loyalists.

On Wednesday, the outlawed Ulster Freedom Fighters threatened to kill Catholic workers after the Irish Republican Army shot and wounded two men on their way to work in County Tyrone.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry, meanwhile, said the Rev. Ian Paisley and four others had been expelled from the group, a major Northern Ireland Protestant organization, because they publicly opposed asking for money from a fund set up under the Anglo-Irish agreement, to build a heritage center.

The 1985 Anglo-Irish accord angered some of the leaders of Northern Ireland’s Protestant majority by giving the Roman Catholic Irish Republic a consultative role in the administration of the British province.

Derek Miller, general secretary of the Apprentice Boys, said the five men had broken the rules of the 9,000-member loyalist organization of clubs, which commemorate Protestants shutting the gates of Londonderry to the advancing Catholic King James in 1688.

Paisley, a Democratic Unionist Party member of Parliament, was unavailable for comment though an appeal was expected.

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