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Bright and Brief

March 28, 1990

NEW YORK (AP) _ The usual club crawlers, hacks and nighttime entrepreneurs of the city’s urban jungle had some beastly company in Wednesday’s pre-dawn hours when the circus came to town.

The Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus sent 17 elephants, 42 horses, three camels, four llamas and a streetsweeper through an East River tunnel for their annual trek from a railroad yard in Queens to Madison Square Garden.

About 80 people, tossing peanuts and apples, were waiting to greet them.

Walter Clark, who had a plastic elephant trunk strapped over his nose to welcome the circus, said he just came from an annual elephant party.

″We watched Dumbo videos and ate animal crackers,″ he said, sipping on Elephant malt liquor. ″The focus is pretty much on elephants, but if a llama showed up we wouldn’t kick them out.″

The real elephants, wearing silvery head masks with small lights, lumbered trunk-to-tail at the head of the procession down 34th Street, pausing for a 1:45 a.m. buffet of 250 pounds of carrots, lettuce and apples.

Yolanda Jardine, 22, petted one of the elephants, a well mannered male named Beecher. ″When I have a baby, I’ll name it Beecher,″ she said.


ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Four generations of one family crowded into the waiting room at Florida Hospital to greet the arrival of the fifth generation and an addition for the fourth.

Annie Marie West, 17, gave birth to Kenneth Michael, making Carroll and Laura Kinney great-great-grandparents.

On the same day, the Kinneys became great-grandparents again when granddaughter Melonie Ridout, 26, gave birth to Allysa Carole.

The babies are the 40th and 41st members of the family.

″I didn’t think I’d live to have five generations,″ said Mrs. Kinney, 79. ″But I’m glad to have kids.″

Her husband said the near-simultaneous births were ″a pretty nice thing to have happen when you’re 79 years old.″

The mothers are first cousins once removed. They had the same due date -April 22.

The Kinneys already had 14 great-grandchildren. Almost all of the family lives in Orlando.

″When the lord said be fruitful and multiply, he should have had his head examined,″ jested Lorraine Byington, great-grandmother of Kenneth Michael.