High-rise technology enhances luxury living

April 7, 2019

You see technology in cars, phones and expect it to be in homes providing the most luxurious, secure living space.

Will Breaux with business development at Iconic Systems said technology is present in all elements of the home.

Home control or automation has taken off, especially in new-construction condos, Breaux said.

“The buyer might opt for motorized shades, high-speed networks, distributed video, and audio throughout. Getting in early enough allows for designer and high-performance options in audio and lighting. We can match the speaker size, shape, and trim to the light fixtures to keep the ceiling cleaner looking. Most are having all or parts of the technology system finished out before they move in,” Breaux said.

Homeowners can also enjoy setting their climate, network, music, and entertainment. Breaux said all is possible with a very sleek and easy interface, whether with an app, keypads or handheld remote. Pressing one button can set the scene throughout the whole home with all of the features, he said.

“Imagine walking into your unit, and the ‘home’ button raises the shades, sets the lighting, adjusts the temperature, and turns on your favorite music. It’s not only possible, it’s easy. With the more sophisticated systems we use, the homeowner can make adjustments on their own,” Breaux said.

Even with all this technology operating in and outside the home, there are hidden features that buyers appreciate, Breaux said. There are some implemented in The Giorgetti and The Sophie and haven’t been offered extensively in the Houston market.

“For buyers who bought in early enough, we were able to offer a ‘lighting design’ package with a customized approach to a standard lighting control architecture,” Breaux said. “We worked with the buyers, interior designers, or lighting designers to bring the lighting design into a much more aesthetically pleasing package. We did away with the large banks of light switches that sometimes clutter up a wall in a very visible location and replaced them with single device, multi-button keypads.”

The inside is covered, but how can technology benefit you outside the home?

Breaux said condos and high-rises have been known for their higher level of security boosted with technology. Residents have moved into this type of residence for this specific reason, he said.

“This is almost solely due to the controlled access, surveillance, and staff always on site to keep the properties secure,” Breaux said.

It’s not uncommon to find 24-hour patrol both inside and outside the premises as well as numerous limited access controls. A variety of high-tech security measures include omnipresent cameras, security elevators that require a key card to access specific floors, and secure garage entry.

“This can be a big change for first time condo buyers,” said Breaux. “They’re realizing for the first time it won’t be necessary because of the building they’re living in.”