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November 8, 2018

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TRUMP-BUSINESS CONFLICTS — Beyond trying to get their hands on the Holy Grail of President Donald Trump’s business dealings — his tax returns — House Democrats are prepared to use their newfound majority and subpoena power to go after all manner of financial records that could back up their claims that he’s using his presidency to enrich himself and his family. By Tami Abdollah and Stephen Braun. SENT: Thursday, 930 words, photos.

OFF THE CHARTS-PERIL OF PEAK EARNINGS — Companies across industries are reporting another quarter of robust earnings but many aren’t seeing the typical boost in their stock price. It’s tied to the gnawing concern among investors that this may be the peak for corporate profit growth. By Stan Choe. SENT: Thursday, 540 words, photos.

TOY HALL OF FAME — Magic 8 Ball and Uno fans can count on infinitely more fun, along with pinball players whose quarters have powered the arcade classic through the rise of gaming apps. The three make up the National Toy Hall of Fame’s class of 2018, recognized Thursday for their staying power and influence. By Carolyn Thompson. SENT: Thursday, 430 words.

WIRED NATURE — Scientists have equipped a Massachusetts marshland with wireless sensors, cameras and microphones to create a virtual reality world inspired by nature’s rhythms. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hope that by live-streaming data, sights and sounds at the Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary, they can help scientists understand wildlife restoration techniques. It will also let people experience nature remotely. By Matt O’Brien. SENT: Thursday, 880 words, photos.

NERDWALLET-ETF CLOSES — The past decade has seen an explosion in new exchange-traded funds. But not all funds attract investors, and ETFs are dying off at a near-record rate this year. Here’s what to do if you face an ETF closure. By NerdWallet columnist Anna-Louise Jackson. SENT: Thursday, 820 words, photos.

ELECTION 2018-ECONOMIC IMPACT — A newly Democratic-led House and a Senate remaining in Republican hands and aligned with President Donald Trump are expected to mean continued gridlock on any major economic initiatives. Each side has spoken favorably of infrastructure spending and a cap on drug prices, but the poisonous atmosphere in Washington and mandated spending limits are likely to block or at least slow progress. By Josh Boak. SENT: Wednesday, 1,000 words, photos.

ON THE MONEY-PAYDAY LENDING — Financial technology company Even shared data exclusively with The Associated Press that showed that its users were less likely to use payday loans once they signed up for the service. Even allows its users to take advances on their next paycheck, not charging any interest. By Ken Sweet. SENT: Wednesday, 600 words, photos.

SMALLBIZ-SMALL TALK-SOURED PARTNERSHIPS — The failure of a partnership often brings hard lessons for company owners. Problems often start when prospective partners don’t think through all the ramifications of what they’re doing — including whether they’ll be a good fit. By Joyce M. Rosenberg. SENT: Wednesday, 1,000 words, photos.

With: SMALLBIZ-PARTNERSHIPS-TIPS — When small business owners want to take on partners, the selection process needs to be carried out thoughtfully and deliberately. The wrong choice can doom not only the partnership, but the company. By Joyce M. Rosenberg. SENT: Wednesday, 400 words.

NERDWALLET-RETIREMENT COLLEGE SAVINGS — Most financial planners advise that you never tap retirement savings to pay for your kid’s education. Yet about one-third of American parents say they plan to use retirement savings or “could use if needed.” If you’re among them, consider these drawbacks and other options before you do. By Kevin Voigt, NerdWallet, SENT: Tuesday, 700 words, photos.

BRAZIL-BOLSONARO-ECONOMY — Key to Jair Bolsonaro’s recent election victory was the support of Brazil’s business community, which coalesced around him because he promised to overhaul Latin America’s largest economy and address its worrying budget deficit. But the president-elect has been stingy with the details, and many wonder if he’ll stick to his recent conversion to market-friendly reforms or if the dormant nationalist in him might reappear. By Sarah DiLorenzo. SENT: Tuesday, 1,000 words, photos.

NET NEUTRALITY-BIRTH OF AN ISSUE — Once little more than a nerdy engineering concept, “net neutrality” has taken on much larger social and political dimensions, emerging as a privacy and anti-monopoly rallying point and even a focus for “resistance” to the Trump administration. By Mae Anderson. SENT: Monday, 940 words, photos.

CHINA-IMPORT FAIR — President Xi Jinping promises to open China’s growing consumer market wider at a fair designed to help counter charges that Beijing abuses the global trading system. But he offered no response to U.S. and European complaints about technology policy and curbs on investment. By Joe McDonald. SENT: Monday, 1,180 words, photos.

NERDWALLET-LIZ WESTON-IGNORE CREDIT SCORE — You may think you can stop worrying about your credit score later in life. But credit scores still matter even when you don’t plan to borrow money. Lenders are not the only ones checking your credit. By NerdWallet columnist Liz Weston. SENT: Monday, 780 words, photos.

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