Man builds his horse an amazing AT-AT Walker costume for Halloween

November 14, 2018

How do you go trick or treating with a horse?

Yeah, we know: “Very carefully.”

But seriously. Building a costume for a 2,000-pound equine is not an easy task. Just ask Mike, of Mike’s Tiny Shop in Martinsville, Ind. He did it.

His decided to dress his horse Moana as an AT-AT Walker from “Star Wars.”

His 9.5-foot-tall costume covers nearly all of Moana in Star Wars gear. All except her feet.

“Moana’s feet are roughly the size of trash can lids,” Mike says on Facebook. “Any foam feet I made would deteriorate immediately. More importantly, it could negatively impact Moana if she were to trip or step wrong.”

Mike posted his work on Facebook, and had several people wonder if doing such a thing was animal cruelty.

“Best thing about draft horses,” Mike writes, “They (do) not care. Her comfort and safety were paramount in all of this. Early on, when we tested the components ... if she had not liked them we would have abandoned the project.”

Mike intends to show Moana’s costume off at the Worlds Clydesdale Show in Madison, Wisc., on Oct. 26.

Of course, building the costume isn’t enough. Now Mike is gunning to set the Guinness World Record for largest Equine Star Wars Costume ever built. He needs $1,000 to enter, and he’s looking for bids with a GoFundMe page.

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