Students, parents experience fun and learning at Vista Colorado’s math night

March 6, 2019

NEEDLES — It wasn’t their first time having a math night but Vista Colorado Elementary School wanted it to be a great experience for everyone.

“We wanted to have a positive experience for parents to come and look at the type of math that their children are doing,” said Elenna Telles, Math Support Teacher for second through eighth grade.

Vista held their math night on Feb. 13. It featured various math games for all of their grade levels. Some of those math games were making numbers with geometric shapes, for kindergartners; Go fish, for first graders; estimate with yarn (cm), for second graders; bingo multiplication, for third graders; bean game, for fourth graders; and how many squares on a checkerboard?

Vista had a technology classroom where students could play a couple of online math games.

“We wanted to show parents and our students that there are a couple of fun math games online that they can play at home,” said Telles. “The best part about it is that they are free for everyone to play.”

Telles stated that before they would have math and reading nights together but they decided to split it up to focus on one.

“We hope that everyone who came had a great experience and had a great time with their child playing math games,” said Telles. “And we would like to thank everyone who came out to the math event.”