Students walk, bike to school

May 9, 2019

Fullerton IV Elementary School students were greeted by teachers, city officials and police officers at the corner of West Berdine Street and West Sharp Avenue Wednesday morning for the walk and roll to school day.

Some of the students walked or rode their bicycles to the meeting point, while others were dropped off by their parents or by one of the school buses.

“I usually ride my bike, or my dad drops me off,” fifth grader Trey Brown said. “It’s kinda relaxing and quiet. The buses get really loud.”

Several of the students who participated in the school event already walk or ride their bike to school.

“I’ve done it before,” fifth grader Emmanuel Guzman said. “I go with my brother sometimes.”

Blue Zones Project Manager Kirk Blaine said although getting kids to walk or bike to school is one of the objectives, another goal is to emphasize the social aspect of being able to walk with friends.

“I like being able to see the trees and when I walk with my friend we’d do projects and see what we could see on the way to school,” fifth grader Olivia Mechan said. Her younger brother, kindergartner Collin Mechan, said he liked seeing the flowers.

Nikki Messenger, Roseburg’s interim city manager, said, “We want to make sure we provide healthy alternatives to transportation, and this is a great place to start.”

When the sidewalk near the meeting point got too crowded, students started to make their way to the school with teachers guiding them.

Students who got off the bus at the intersection would get a chance to interact with a police K-9.

Blue Zones Project sponsored the event, which included prizes and giveaways that were handed out at an assembly once the students made it to school.

Teachers who guided the students to school all wore red in support of a statewide push to demand more funding for education.

Students at Glide Elementary, Hucrest Elementary, Fir Grove Elementary and Eastwood Elementary also participated in the event. Participation was encouraged at Green Elementary and Winchester Elementary will host a walk and roll to school day on May 15.

The nationwide bike and walk to school day is typically held the first week in October, but the statewide walk and roll to school day is the first week in May.