Protect wetlands to limit floods -- Tim White

September 2, 2018

Dane County has just experienced unprecedented flooding. The damage is estimated at $100 million so far. The loss of personal property is significant. And the Isthmus is poised for a bigger disaster, depending on future precipitation.

Politics has diminished our ability to deal with such a disaster. Wetlands are important for many reasons, not the least of which is flood control. Over the past eight years, Republicans have been repaying deep-pocketed donors through deregulation, including weakening environmental safeguards. The rollback of wetland protection has been a real-time impediment to stopping large-scale flooding. Conservation groups and Democrats lined up in opposition to oppose this kind of legislation purchased by the building industry. However, the Republican legislative majority and Gov. Scott Walker pushed the legislation through.

As we deal with this disaster and brace ourselves for more water, let’s take positive steps to deal with the present political disaster: Gov. Walker and the Republican majority.

In November, Wisconsin has choices to make, and those choices will chart a course to recovery or a road to ruin.

Tim White, town of Springdale

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