Pat Scheel: How to fix a Riviera Road mess before it happens

April 16, 2019

Editor: We, in Havasu, have been waiting for another launch ramp to alleviate chaos at the existing ramps and improve parking. That said, I am a long time resident/boater so I believe I can address the issues I see with the new Riviera access. My first observation was the right-hand lane going into the complex, i.e., those entering, will be towing with car/truck — I do not believe there is a long enough turn lane into the area for the numbers. Also, the same thing with those turning left — I did not see a lane for this same condition — no lane at all.

I realize this new community is necessary for obvious reasons, but in my experience of boating and towing over the grade on State Route 95, I see mix of confusion and accidents waiting to happen. I do believe this can be corrected with the proper adjustments to signage further ahead of the intersection: More than 50+ feet of lane change in both north and south directions, and more advance awareness to these mishaps.

I am not an engineer but I feel these considerations have not been addressed and can be alleviated. We all want our community to thrive!

Pat Scheel

Lake Havasu City