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Evansville Couple Claims ‘Regarding Henry’ is Their Story

October 8, 1993

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) _ A couple filed a $100 million lawsuit claiming the movie ″Regarding Henry,″ about a man suffering from amnesia, is based on their own life story.

The lawsuit on behalf of John and Joan Cox was filed this week in federal court in New York City.

″Regarding Henry″ is the story of a New York lawyer, played by Harrison Ford, who suffers brain damage and amnesia after being shot in the head during a robbery.

Cox, a lawyer in Evansville, also suffered severe head injuries and amnesia, in a 1979 motorcycle accident.

Mrs. Cox wrote a manuscript about their experience and sent it to several agents and publishers in the late 1980s, but it was always returned, the lawsuit says.

″Regarding Henry″ was released in 1991 but the couple didn’t see it until renting the videotape in March 1992.

″Minutes into the film, I was so upset,″ Mrs. Cox said. ″I thought, ‘This is my material. This is (John’s) story.’ Of course John recognized it, too.″

She compared the movie with her manuscript; the lawsuit claims there are at least 108 similarities.

The lawsuit names as defendants Paramount Pictures, director and co- producer Mike Nichols, screenplay author Jeffrey Abrams and others. The defendants have a month to respond to the complaint.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Abrams claimed he wrote the script in two weeks when he was 23.

Mrs. Cox said she doubts he would have had enough life experiences at that age to write the story in such a short time. She believes Abrams or someone else saw her manuscript.

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