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URGENT Convict Known As ‘Animal’ Captured Without A Shot Fired

July 12, 1986

BIG SANDY, Texas (AP) _ Law officers using dogs, helicopters and horses captured the barefoot, tatooed rapist known as ″Animal″ without firing a shot Friday night, two days after he took a sheriff’s deputy hostage and broke out of jail.

Collin County sheriff’s deputies found Jerry Walter McFadden, dirty and covered with scratches, hiding out in the bathroom of a vacant house not far from where his hostage got away from him on Wednesday.

″He said, ‘It’s me.’ I said, ‘Who?’ He said ’McFadden,‴ said Sgt. Randy Norton, one of the arresting deputies. ″He said he’d been there all day. I think he was ready to go home.″

The escapee surrendered without a fight, throwing out the .38-caliber service revolver he had taken when he escaped on Wednesday, Norton said.

McFadden, 38, who calls himself ″Animal,″ was returned to the Upshur County Jail after his capture. He has been convicted three times of rape and was awaiting trial for murder. His violent history includes three guilty pleas for rape. One of his many tatoos says, ″Death before dishonor for the Lonesome Loser.″

His hostage, sheriff’s deputy Rosalie Williams, 24, escaped Thursday after 16 hours in a boxcar when McFadden, who had left to get some water, was distracted by barking dogs, said her husband, Eddy.

Mrs. Williams jumped from the boxcar and crawled on her hands and knees to a nearby house and went inside.

″This little girl met her and said, ’Hey I know who you are. I just saw you on TV,‴ said Williams, a state trooper.

She was ″lucky, real lucky,″ Williams said. ″She escaped herself. He didn’t free her. She just saw the opportunity and then she just took it.″

Throughout the ordeal, Mrs. Williams said she tried to keep calm.

″I kept my faith. I tried to hold up for myself and for Jerry McFadden. Because if I would have gotten out of control, you know, he would have,″ she said. ″All I could think about was my family and my friends and just being alive.″

Mrs. Williams spent the night in a hospital for a checkup, but was not harmed by McFadden.

″(She has) a few scratches from briars in the woods and a little poison ivy,″ Williams said. ″But other than that, she’s fine. He treated her like a normal person. He didn’t abuse her or anything like that.″

McFadden told Mrs. Williams he picked her as his hostage ″because she was so nice to the inmates,″ Williams said.

″Getting her back safe is the main thing,″ said Upshur County Sheriff Dale Jewkes. ″Next we have to get McFadden so he can pay for what he did.″

Mrs. Williams told authorities McFadden’s feet were cut, leading them to believe he still was in the area, where residents set up lawn chairs on porches to watch the activity of police and reporters.

McFadden was awaiting trial on charges of capital murder, robbery and assault when he escaped from the Upshur County Jail in Gilmer, about 15 miles to the northeast.

McFadden and Mrs. Williams had left the jail in Gilmer in her car, but abandoned it Thursday when it overheated four miles outside Big Sandy, a town of 1,200 people, said Police Chief Richard Lingle.

Jewkes said McFadden stopped at a convenience store for gasoline. He had discarded the jail uniform and was wearing blue jean cutoffs and a light- colored shirt.

A resident of Ore City who grew up in Haskell, McFadden most recently was paroled in July 1985. He was charged with capital murder in connection with the May 5 death of 18-year-old Suzanne Harrison, who was sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled, and he also is a suspect in the slayings of two of her companions, who were found dead five days later in a ditch.

McFadden was charged Thursday in U.S. District Court in Tyler with kidnapping, and was charged in Upshur County with attempted capital murder and aggravated kidnapping.

He was released from prison July 17, 1985, after serving five years of a 15-year sentence for an aggravated sexual abuse conviction. Officials said the release was automatic because he had served one-third of his sentence.

In 1978, he went on a daylong rampage through West Texas, abducting and raping an 18-year-old Hamlin secretary and, in 1972, he pleaded guilty to the rape of a 14-year-old Denton girl. A year later, he raped a junior high school teacher at knifepoint in Haskell, a crime to which he again pleaded guilty.

Woodrow Simmons, investigator for the Shackleford County district attorney’s office, said McFadden abducted the secretary from an oil field office and raped her repeatedly. ″He put her against a tree and choked her until he thought she was dead,″ Simmons said.

McFadden made a superficial cut on his wrists while in the Shackelford jail in an apparent ruse to be taken to a hospital, the investigator said.

″He was always planning an escape,″ Simmons said. ″But we never gave him the proper opportunity.″

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