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Computer Artist’s Exploding Heads Draw Visit from Secret Service

January 27, 1996

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) _ The Secret Service found some time to visit a computer artist who gets a rush out of making celebrities’ heads ``explode.″

Daniel Burford, 22, selects photographs of famous people he dislikes _ Rush Limbaugh, Bob Dole, Boris Yeltsin, Bill Gates and Tom Hanks _ and blows them up on his World Wide Web page in comic-book fashion.

``Chop out the parts of the head you want to explode, paint in some fake blood and there you go!″ Burford said Friday.

Not everyone gets the joke.

Two Secret Service agents showed up at Burford’s workplace, Virtual Visions Inc., and asked him to come down to headquarters for a little chat.

``They asked me if I’d ever owned a gun, how I felt about Bob Dole, if I’d ever been in a mental hospital,″ Burford said. ``I guess they decided I wasn’t a security threat.″

His exploding heads Hall of Fame, indexed under both ``tasteless humor″ and ``political humor,″ attracted 10,000 browsers a day when it first appeared in December and draws about 4,000 to 5,000 now, he said.

``I’ve gotten e-mail from some people saying it’s too liberal, that I should be more of an equal opportunity offender,″ Burford said, who is thinking of offering Bill Clinton’s head for detonation. ``After that State of the Union address, yeah, I think I might.″


The web page address is http://www.vv.com/(tilde)gilmore/head/

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