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Suicidal Teen Dies After Cop Chase

April 11, 1998

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Caring parents couldn’t save the life of 19-year-old Jesse Frizzell, who killed himself after a wild ride with his screaming father clinging to the hood of the car.

Frizzell’s father and mother, a psychologist, knew he was despondent over a breakup with his longtime girlfriend and asked police to intervene, but were unwilling to charge their son with auto theft so officers could take him in.

```The last thing he needs is a felony,‴ Raymond Frizzell said Wednesday, police officer Sid Wordell told the Providence Journal-Bulletin.

Frizzell searched for his son and found him Thursday, after the young man had bought a rifle. They tussled over the car keys and Frizzell jumped onto the car hood when his son drove off. The subsequent 15-minute ride, which reached speeds up to 100 mph, ended when police closed in.

The teen stopped the car, spilling his father off onto the ground. He then locked the doors and shot himself in the head, three days short of his 20th birthday. He died Friday night.

``It’s a terrible thing to know that someone was dead and there was nothing you could do about it,″ said police officer Linda Palazzo, who stopped Frizzell before the chase, but had to let him go because she never saw his gun. ``When we heard that he died, myself and the dispatcher cried.″

After leaving his Little Compton home in his mother’s car, Frizzell went to his ex-girlfriend’s house, where he ominously gave one of the girl’s family members $1,000, saying he didn’t need the money, police said.

Later, after speeding away with his father on the car hood near, Frizzell drove through red lights, went the wrong way on one-way streets and weaved around cars, Narragansett police Capt. Glenn Browning said. The elder Frizzell received medical treatment for minor injuries.

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