Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi spar in civil suit in Mueller probe aftermath

March 28, 2019

The end of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 race has hardly resolved a rift between Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, two former colleagues on opposite sides of a related $25 million civil suit that escalated Wednesday.

Attorneys representing Mr. Stone, President Trump’s criminally indicted former election adviser, entered a filing in federal court responding to the latest claims raised by Mr. Corsi, a conservative author and conspiracy theorist suing him for defamation and assault.

Responding to a filing entered on behalf of Mr. Corsi a week earlier, Mr. Stone’s lawyers called the allegations “completely without merit” and said the suit should be tossed.

Mr. Corsi, 72, disclosed last year that he was questioned at length about Mr. Stone by members of the special counsel’s team as part of the government’s investigation into matters related to Russian involvement in the 2016 elections. Mr. Stone, 66, was subsequently indicted in January with seven counts of obstruction, perjury and witness tampering and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

In a complaint initializing Mr. Corsi’s lawsuit in February, lawyer Larry Klayman accused Mr. Stone of internationally smearing, intimidating and threatening his client “to have heart attacks and strokes, in order that Plaintiff will be unable to testify at Stone’s criminal trial.”

Responding to the claim this week, Mr. Stone’s lawyer Robert Buschel called the allegation “sadly farcical at best.”

“Corsi’s claim is beyond conclusory, and the allegation is more than lacking in factual basis, not even allowing the Court to make a reasonable inference of liability,” Mr. Buschel replied.

Mr. Buschel also denied Mr. Stone smeared Mr. Corsi, arguing: “Conflicting opinions do not equate to defamation.”

Neither Mr. Corsi nor Mr. Klayman immediately returned messages requesting comment. Their lawsuit is pending in D.C. before Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump appointee.

Mr. Corsi previously served as the D.C. bureau chief for the Infowars website run by right-wing media personality Alex Jones. Mr. Stone has been a frequent contributor to the site and co-hosts a talk show produced under the Infowars umbrella, War Room.

The special counsel’s investigating into matters related to the 2016 race spurred criminal charges against Mr. Stone and 33 others prior to ending this month. Mr. Corsi said earlier this week that he expected to be charged by Mr. Mueller’s team with perjury and that he felt “vindicated” by the investigation ending differently.

Mr. Stone’s trial has been set to start Nov. 5.