Assessor: 13.5 percent property value increase in Needles

October 3, 2018

NEEDLES — Bob Dutton, San Bernardino County Assessor, Recorder and County Clerk stated that the value of the San Bernardino County parcels amounted to over $221 billion an average increase of 7.3 percent

“This puts San Bernardino County at number six or seven most valuable county, compared to all the other counties in California,” said Dutton during the Needles City Council Meeting on Sept. 11. “The city of Needles for 2018 had a secured value of over $333 million; that’s an 11.6 percent increase over the last year. The unsecured value (business properties) was over $19 million; that was a 59.9 percent increase. The total value here in the city of Needles is over $353 million which is a 13.5 increase.”

According to Dutton, there are over 800,000 parcels in San Bernardino and they have a staff of about 65 appraisers who are responsible for determining the values.

“I would like to try and clear up some confusion that some people may have regarding their property tax bill,” said Dutton. “I have nothing to do with the preparation of the property tax bill. I give the assessed value to the tax collector, and he’ll use that as a base for determining the properties. The phone numbers that are on the tax bill beside the items are who you need to call in order to get information about that particular assessment on your tax bill.”

Dutton talked briefly about the history of the assessor and what his roles actually are.

“In 1850 the California constitution provided the assessor to be elected among other officials,” said Dutton. “In the early days, the assessor covered the entire county by horseback to determine and assess values to all properties. Today, the San Bernardino County Assessor is responsible for locating and identifying all taxable properties, establishing the assessed value of those properties and submitting the annual supplemental assessment rolls.”

Dutton stated that he has been appointed as the county clerk and gave an update.

“We’ve expanded our county clerk services to Joshua Tree, Calif. I know it’s still a bit far from Needles but it’s closer than San Bernardino,” said Dutton. “The people that need to make a personal visit to the county clerk can go to Joshua Tree.”

That office is located at 63665 29 Palms Highway - 1st Floor, Joshua Tree, CA 92252; phone 760-995-8065. Business hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (closed noon to 1 p.m. for lunch).

Dutton gave a couple of statistics for the county clerk: 550,000 documents were recorded last year, over 10,000 marriage licenses were issued. Dutton said the most popular day to get married is Valentine’s Day and the second is Halloween. Some 90,000 certificates were issued, over 14,000 fictitious business name statements were filed, over 30,000 additional items were cataloged in the historical archives.

Dutton ended the presentation stating that his office is in charge of the historical archives department and that his team has been working on historical videos.

“For every city in San Bernardino County we are trying to do a video record of the history of those cities,” said Dutton.

The historical video for the city of Needles can be watched at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5slIDrk26M.

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