Joe Thomas: The greatest generations

October 4, 2018

Editor: As I read Mr. Ed Schweizer’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s News-Herald, stating the greatness of the previous generation (his, of course) and the “brain dead” generation that we have today, it reminded me of the fact that every generation prior to Mr. Schweizer’s and after has claimed their generation as the “Last Great Generation.” It’s actually quite sad that he referred to this new generation as lazy, brain dead, overeducated (is that even a thing?) and he also referred to them as fat, and unable to pass a fitness test. I have the opportunity to know a large number of todays youth (I’m a teacher )and I find them kind hearted, energetic, enthusiastic and open minded. I believe they in their time will truly make America great, just as their predecessors before them.

Mr. Schweizer ended his rant with a country song entitled: “Thank God I wasn’t born, no later than I was!” My song choice for Mr. Schweizer is “I’m My Own Grandpa” by Lonzo and Oscar!

Joe Thomas

Lake Havasu City

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