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April 3, 1988

ELDRIDGE, N.D. (AP) _ Margie had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.

Then another and another.

Now, Bill and Marge Lange’s rare quintuplet lambs are the star attraction in this small town in southeastern North Dakota.

″It was like Grand Central Station,″ Mrs. Lange said. ″The day after they were born we had 10 people call to see if they were all right. I’ve had people bring their kids from town to see the lambs.″

″The ewe was perplexed when she first got up and saw all those babies,″ she said. ″She looked one way and then the other. It was unreal.″

Lamb quints are a rare event, occuring about once in 600,000 deliveries, said Bert Moore, professor of animal and range science at North Dakota State University.

The four females and one male, born March 24, are all healthy and hungry, Mrs. Lange said. The five are being fed by the ewe and bottle-fed with lamb milk replacement by Mrs. Lange, who said she feels like a mother again.

″I was a nervous wreck the first two days, but I’m fine now,″ she said. ″Saturday night I had to go somewhere, so I called a babysitter to take care of my lambs. I get up every four hours at night to feed them. But they’re eating more and more hay and oats, so soon I’ll just feed them once a night.″

Fecundity is in the blood line. The sire and the ewe were both triplets, so there’s no telling how large a litter the newborn lambs may eventually have, Mrs. Lange said.


COLUMBUS, Ind. (AP) - For Corrina Clark, long distance really was the next best thing to being there.

Clark, who was in Bartholomew County Courthouse, married Alvin McGowan, who was at an army base in Kaiserslaughtern, West Germany, over the telephone Thursday, exactly one year after the couple met by chance in Houston.

The bride, a native of Indianapolis, said she wanted their marriage certificate to show that the ceremony took place in Indiana.

″I’ve done a lot of marriages before, but never one by phone,″ said County Clerk Naomi Jackson, who performed the ceremony. ″My last thing was ‘kiss the bride’ and I couldn’t say that.″

The couple will exchange vows in person, and seal it with a kiss, when they repeat the ceremony in Paris this fall.

The trans-Atlantic telephone call was offered to the couple as a gift from Columbus attorney Richard Eynon’s office.

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