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Nude, Soap-Covered Prisoner Slips Away From Officers

June 24, 1986

CLARKSVILLE, Ark. (AP) _ An alleged jail escapee caught after he stepped from the shower gave police the slip and fled naked and soapy.

Brian Kotch, 19, escaped Sunday night from Johnson County Sheriff Elton Brown and three other officers who found him in a mobile home near Lamar, Brown said Monday night. Kotch had escaped in handcuffs May 31 after he was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

When the officers found Kotch on Sunday, he was hiding between two matresses, Brown said. ″I think he had just got out of the shower and climbed in between the mattresses. We got him up and tried to put the cuffs on him, but he ran by us. We didn’t have anything to hold on to.

″He was slick as he could be. I’ve had a few run off, but I never had one run off who didn’t have any clothes on.″

The sheriff said he was frustrated about losing the prisoner twice, ″but it was funny later.″ Kotch now is charged with two counts of escape and a count of theft of handcuffs, Brown said.

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