Guns need public health approach -- Mike Pfrang

August 5, 2018

I read Dan Stier’s thoughtful guest column, “Funding needed to curb violence,” on a public health approach to gun control, and agree completely.

I’m a veteran, and toted an assault rifle for a couple of years in a war. It was a useful and necessary tool of military combat, but I haven’t needed or wanted one since I left the military 50 years ago.

I was a hunter before I went in the service, and enjoyed it thoroughly, except for maybe eating what I shot. It was always a little tougher and gamier than the same stuff in the supermarket. After the service, I stopped hunting, because I didn’t want to shoot at anything if it wasn’t shooting at me, and gunfire made me jumpy.

Today, I don’t want to be anywhere near a woods full of tinhorn troopers with their military toys. I know what a combat weapon can do. Movies today sanitize and dramatize the carnage, but it’s nothing like that in real life.

Mike Pfrang, Madison

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