Lil Wayne calls out Eli Manning

October 9, 2018

Lil Wayne is asking why Eli Manning couldn’t ever figure out how to love him.

After his bizarre cameo in Odell Beckham Jr.‘s controversial ESPN interview Sunday, the rapper has called out the New York Giants’ quarterback in a new video on social media. It’s less about Manning’s play on the field that’s more Beckham’s gripe and more about wanting Manning to recognize him.

The whole ordeal started when Manning was asked about the Beckham interview, and he tried to deflect the question by focusing on Beckham’s friend.

“I don’t watch Lil Wayne much, so I missed a lot of him,” Manning said Sunday, according to New York reporters.

Lil Wayne took it as an affront.

“I’m the first one to back you up and be like, ‘He got two rings before his brother,’” he said. “Here you are talking about how you don’t watch Lil Wayne much. That’s fine. I’m cool with you. I don’t care what you watch or what you listen to or nothing like that. But hometown love, . . . You don’t have to do me like that.”

“Hometown love” referred to New Orleans, from where both the rapper and the quarterback hail.

But this tiff doesn’t look like it will escalate.

“I didn’t say anything bad about you, man. Dang! So I ain’t going to say anything bad about you now,” Lil Wayne said. “You still hometown love. I still [expletive] with you Eli. It’s all good.”

It’s accurate that Lil Wayne never said anything bad about Manning. The rapper kept silent throughout Beckham’s interview.

Is this a publicity stunt to get attention to his new album, or does Lil Wayne care that much about the Giants? It’s hard to tell anymore.

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