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FBI-Sought Swindler Picked Up at Casino

October 1, 1994

TURIN, Italy (AP) _ Wanted for more than 20 years by the FBI and other police around the world, the ″great swindler″ of the gaming world has been arrested at an Italian casino.

Italian news agencies and RAI state TV reported Saturday that Turin police picked up Giuseppe Martorana, a 55-year-old Italian, as he was pulling a ″winning″ card out of his pocket during a game at a casino in St. Vincent, near Aosta, in northwestern Italy.

News reports said Martorana, both a dealer and a player during his gaming career, was suspected of cheating for 24 years from Las Vegas to the French Riviera.

Arrested with him were eight Italians allegedly involved in Martorana’s schemes. There was no immediate estimate of how much money was involved in the alleged cheating.

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