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City Forced To Accept Protest Tax Payment

February 20, 1995

BAXTER, Minn. (AP) _ So city officials had to count out the 3,573 dollar bills that tax protester Bob Marohn gave them; it could have been worse.

``Better than pennies,″ City Administrator Don Lorsung said as Deputy Clerk Beva Olson laboriously counted out the $3,573.05 that Marohn hauled in.

``We have to accept the money the way it’s brought in,″ Lorsung said. ``If I sound kind of speechless, it’s because I am.″

Marohn was upset with what he considered unfair taxes on a piece of land he had just sold in this city in the center of the state. The money was for water and sewer assessments.

``The city of Baxter has taxed me excessively for what I have given them,″ Marohn told The Brainerd Daily Dispatch before paying up on Friday.

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