ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) _ Paul Kariya, still bothered by throbbing headaches from a concussion he received a month ago, could miss the rest of the NHL season.

Kariya, a left wing for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, has trouble remembering conversations and concentrating for periods of longer than one hour, the result of a blow delivered by Chicago's Gary Suter in a Feb. 1 game.

``Some days I feel OK and other days I still feel bad ... I don't know what to think,'' Kariya said in Tuesday's editions of the Daily Breeze of Torrance.

``It's like I have cobwebs in my head. I thought the symptoms would have cleared by now. I thought I'd be able to come back after a few games, but now ... I don't know.''

Mighty Ducks team doctor Craig Milhouse said there is a real possibility Kariya could miss the team's final 23 regular-season games.

``We're not worried or concerned about trying to get him back for the playoffs,'' he said. ``We're taking no risks. This is very serious.''

Milhouse said before Kariya will be cleared to play, the team will get a second opinion.

``When you're dealing with a concussion or a problem of this magnitude, it's a career thing and a lifelong thing,'' Milhouse said.

The doctor said he does not believe Kariya's career is in jeopardy.

The most difficult part for Kariya is dealing with depression. He did not attend the Ducks' game Sunday.

Pat LaFontaine of the New York Rangers, who sat out most of last season because of a severe concussion, has talked to Kariya.

``He's been through this and he has an idea of what I'm going through, how I feel,'' Kariya said. ``I was encouraged after I talked to Pat. His symptoms eventually cleared and he was able to come back.''