Answer Man: What’s with these concert ticket prices?

February 7, 2019

Hey Answer Man: I know you always like to sit in the front row at concerts, but I’m wondering how you’re going to manage that for the Steve Martin/Martin Short show coming up at Mayo Civic Center. Top ticket price is $179.50. Is it unusual for tickets to be more than 100 bucks here in our fair city? — Fellow Music Fan

Dear Fan: Yes, I’m always in the front row, and I’m ready to break the piggy bank for this big-time show. But I’d better hurry up, because Donna Drews, head honcho over at MCC, told one of my research assistants last week that tickets are selling fast.

This $179.50 ticket is the most expensive so far for a concert at Mayo Civic Center. So, when it comes to top talent, Rochester audiences don’t seem to mind paying top dollar.

As Donna pointed out, last year’s Dwight Yoakam concert here also had a ticket price of more than $100 ($122 to be exact) and that show sold out. Several other shows in recent years have had ticket prices beyond that magic century mark.

But that’s the price you have to pay for live entertainment these days. Especially if you want to join me in the front row. I’ll be the guy wearing a fake nose and plastic eyeglasses.

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