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Our View: Don’t be too quick to rock the boat on threatened snake

Staff WriterMay 20, 2019

A rare semi-aquatic snake has been getting a lot of attention since it was rediscovered in the Lake Havasu area. It has been seven years since the northern Mexican garter snake was first sighted on the Bill Williams River, surprising wildlife watchers who believed the snake only lived in a small area in the central portion of the state, along the Salt and Verde rivers. A few years later, another snake was spotted in the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. Turns out the snake has been living comfortably on the banks of Lake Havasu all this time, despite a belief by wildlife managers that it had been extirpated from this region a century ago. That’s an understandable assumption, since the Colorado River is one of the most managed rivers in the years, and its ecology today is vastly different than what it was prior to the 1930s. And yet, the snake has survived.

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