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Ng Linked To Gun Found Near Lake’s Residence

July 22, 1985

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A San Francisco disc jockey whose assailant fits the general description of Charles Ng was killed with a pistol found near a mountain cabin where as many as 22 people may have been slain, police say.

″The gun has matched the bullets used to kill (disc jockey Don) Giulietti,″ said San Francisco District Attorney Arlo Smith. ″It’s a strong development in the case.″

Smith said investigators will now try to connect the .22-caliber Ruger Mark II with a .22 slug removed from the head of one of 11 bodies unearthed at the Sierra foothills site where survivalist Leonard Lake lived.

Ng, 24, a companion of Lake, was once sought in an international manhunt in connection with the 45 pounds of bones found at Lake’s residence. He has been named in a Calaveras County warrant on two counts of murder.

″We’ve turned over additional reports to the (district attorney) recommending an additional charge,″ said sheriff’s Sgt. Ron McFall.

Ng was captured in Canada after a shoplifting incident and is now being held in Calgary, Alberta, on an attempted murder charge.

Police said Giulietti was shot to death in his home by a silenced .22- caliber gun July 11, 1984, by a man answering an ad for sex. Giulietti’s roommate, Richard Carrazza, was wounded in the chest by the fleeing killer and identified Ng from photographs.

Smith said Saturday the matching of the gun to the Giulietti killing ″is important because it ties the gun with the two people in Calaveras County.″

The pistol was found buried in a plastic container several miles from Lake’s property.

″Somebody buried it (the Ruger), probably Lake or Ng, or both,″ Smith said.

Although there were no fingerprints found on the gun, Smith said they have ″some strong evidence″ that may link Ng to the killing. No charges will be filed until after Carrazza tries to identify Ng in a police lineup held this week in Calgary, he said.

A videotape of the lineup will be brought back ″for other witnesses,″ Smith said.

Since Ng’s photograph has been published around the world, ″it’s going to be hard to assemble a fair lineup,″said public defender Jeffrey Brown.

Ng was captured July 6 in Calgary after a scuffle with a guard in a department store shoplifting incident. The guard was shot in the hand.

The gun referred to by the prosecutor was found July 2 in a cache of several items near the property where Ng often visited Lake, who committed suicide with cyanide June 2 while in police custody. Also in the cache were identification papers of a missing San Francisco man.

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