NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) _ Police said they arrested a Palestinian holding a U.S. passport Wednesday as a suspected accomplice of another Palestinian who had been caught trying to board a jetliner with pistols and grenades concealed in wine bottles.

A police statement said they had arrested Yezid Gasper Sayiagh, 30, in the port city of Limasol. They said they found two wine jugs in his apartment, each containing a pistol silencer and a total of five grenades.

The police statement said Sayiagh was an accomplice of the man arrested Tuesday at Larnaca Airport, but did not elaborate.

Police inspector Yiannakis Christodoulou said the man seized at the airport was Sami Anis Maroun Nasser, 26, a Palestinian holding a Jordanian passport. Police said he told them his final destination had been the United Arab Emirates.

Police searched Nasser's hand baggage at the airport security checkpoint and said they found two Italian-made Beretta pistols, three Soviet-made hand grenades, one pistol equipped with a silencer, two magazines for the handguns and 91 bullets.

The weapons were concealed in two ''unusual looking'' wicker-covered wine jugs, Christodoulou told a court hearing Wednesdady. He said the bottoms had been cut off the jugs and the weapons placed inside. The jugs were resealed and filled with ink and liquor to try to conceal their contents, he added.

Security personnel found the arms when they sent Nasser's hand luggage through an X-ray machine.

Christodoulou told the court that two other foreigners may have given Nasser the weapons in Cyprus.

The court ordered Nasser held in custody for eight days while police continue their investigation.