Dr. Saul Weitraub PhD.: Vote no on Prop. 127, a measure funded by a California Marxist/liberal

October 10, 2018


Proposition 127 is being funded by California Marxist/ liberal billionaire Thomas Steyer. This hypocrite made a fortune managing hedge funds in fossil fuels. He is funding Arizona 100 %. He is attempting to put Arizona in the same financial situation as California, a socialist sewer. Your rates will take a quantum leap skyward.

Look at California, or talk to people who live there. This is just Steyer’s way of filling his pockets to the top, and then some. This man is the epitome of greed and excess. Now his greed and excess is focused on Arizona. Do not let this state turn into another piggy bank for a billionaire. Doug Kaltenberg is just spouting’ bovine scatology,’ nothing more.

This proposition is nothing more than a huge blank check for a liberal Marxist in the mold of another George Soros that wants to destroy America under the pseudo guise of the clean air act, of which has been dismantled under President Trump. This was all started by the last administration.

In actuality, this farce is not about clean air, it is about greed, and people control. Believe only the people in California, they are the true victims. This is again, lest we forget, another Obama disaster, which would be continued by the next Democrat / Socialist regime had they managed to corrupt their way into office.

Mr. Stayer is a devoted hater of President Trump. Keep in mind that the once Democratic party is now the party of these individuals, all of which are really left wing. Let’s call it what it really is Socialism, heading fast to Communism.

Also, keep in mind these functionaries; Bill Clinton, Edward [Teddy} Kennedy, Diane Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, B. Obama, Kyrsten Sinema, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, everyone of these people are involved in destroying the country, the presidency, and the American people for their own personal gain and of course power. Again, investigate what is really going on in California. I have a friend living in Stockton, California, 1900 sq. ft. house. Utilities $ 500.00 per. month. Oh yes, he has no air conditioning. Vote NO with a vengeance, this is no joke. It is not about clean air, it is about control of every person possible. They have tried gun control, as yet, no success.

Dr. Saul Weitraub PhD.

Lake Havasu City

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