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On The Light Side

September 20, 1986

YORK, Neb. (AP) _ It took several doses of mineral oil and help from the Federal Reserve System before an Oklahoma man got some of the money back from his elephant’s unauthorized cash withdrawal.

The tale of Mickey Bohannon and his 6-year-old elephant, Butch, began Aug. 14 at the York County Fair, where Bohannon was setting up the ring in which he rents rides on Butch’s back to the public.

Bohannon removed his shirt to work on the ring.

Butch took the shirt and removed a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and an envelope containing $1,000 in cash - and swallowed them.

Dosing Butch with mineral oil as veterinarians suggested yielded pieces of bills, which Bohannon sent to the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C., on the advice of a local bank.

The reserve used special scanning devices to determine which pieces came from which bills and sent Bohannon a check for $760.

″I want to compliment the federal government’s methods,″ Bohannon said. ″That’s one thing about the federal government I’m pleased with.″


PEORIA, Ill. (AP) - A date with a 43-year-old pediatrician brought the high bid of $1,100, while an evening with a casket salesman was worth $230.

Forty-nine of Peoria’s most eligible bachelors auctioned off an evening of their company to raise money for charity.

The ″Rent A Gent″ benefit was attended by about 600 women, who paid $10 apiece to attend and bid an additional $11,000 for dates with the bachelors, raising about $17,000 for the local Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The big date with Dr. William Hayden offered a University of Illinois football game, followed by dinner and dancing in Chicago.

An alternative to football and Chicago nightlife was offered by Kevin Greves, a 25-year-old casket salesman.

He promised dinner at Burger King, a few arcade games, and an hour of ″Andy Griffith″ and ″Leave it to Beaver″ reruns at his place. ---

MUSKEGON, Mich. (AP) - A motorist who says his family teases him for picking up highway trash found some lucky litter: $8,570 cash.

Guy Gonyon, 52, of Muskegon said he stopped his truck to remove what looked like trash in a street in Muskegon County’s Egelston Township. Instead, the trash he found Wednesday afternoon was $8,570 spilling from a metal box.

He said he gave no thought to keeping the money, but called Muskegon police, who traced the cash to a 79-year-old man.

Gonyon doesn’t expect a reward. ″I’m just glad he got his money back,″ he said.