Letters To The Editor 2/23/2019

February 23, 2019

Road-clearing praise

Editor: I just wanted to say what a great job PennDOT does keeping our roads clear of snow and ice.

We live in Northeast Pennsylvania and as we all know we have a ton of bad weather to drive in.

They really do an excellent job keeping our roads safe for all of us. I do a lot of driving and we are very fortunate to have such a good crew of PennDOT workers doing their jobs well and helping us get home safely to our families.




Cawley sought

Editor: I am from Moultrie, Georgia, and I have been doing research and collecting memorabilia from the old minor league baseball teams that used to call Moultrie home.

In 1963, Gaynor Cawley, of Scranton, played for the Moultrie Packers. I write in hopes that Cawley sees my letter and will contact me.

I would like to know if he has any old photos from the 1963 Moultrie team and any memorabilia from the team and if he would happen to have a photo of the 1962 Thomasville team that he played on.





Drug loot for wall

Editor: Charles D. Landi (“Use video evidence,” Feb. 2) is right and I hope that many conservative and liberal people in our area who read The Times-Tribune’s letters section read his letter and feel that he is right.

In addition to paying for the planned border wall with money from drugs that have been confiscated from Mexican drug cartels, other ways to get the money to pay for it would be to reduce the amount of foreign aid we give to Mexico every year and to donate to organizations that collect money to fund the wall. Those three things hopefully would help to raise enough money to pay for the wall.

If it doesn’t, then it would be the responsibility of the Congress to pass legislation for the remaining balance of money that may be needed to pay for the wall.

In view of what really is happening on our southern border, our country shouldn’t have open borders. If that happens, it will be the ruination of our country.

Another thing that shouldn’t happen is socialism that some far left Democrats talk about and want to impose on us. If our country ever has socialism, it will be our financial ruin. Socialism in foreign countries has been a failure, so why would we want it in our country?

Guess who would have to pay for all the “freebies” that socialism is all about?




Foe of socialism

Editor: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist Democrat, along with other socialists and left-wing politicians, has been on a mission to demonize capitalists in our country.

They would attempt to redistribute other people’s wealth by progressively taxing the rich. Before we trade in our American capitalist system for socialism, do we know if we’ll get a bargain? Socialism is an economic system of collectivization and government centralization of the production and distribution of goods.

Her proposed Green New Deal is an example of socialism, centralizing government control, which would will cost us in higher taxes, cost private businesses and private property rights, free markets and economic growth. It would decrease our standard of living and bankrupt our economy.

Capitalism is an economic system that allows trade and private ownership of business and industry for profit.

Our American capitalist system encourages innovation, competition and creates jobs.

Throughout America’s history, wealthy capitalists like Ben Franklin, George Washington Carver, Jonas Salk and Bill Gates have been among the entrepreneurs, philanthropists, inventors and scientists who had the freedom from government interference to make our country the envy of other nations.

Gary Kasparov, a former Russian world champion chess player, said, “A society that relies too heavily on redistributing wealth eventually runs out of wealth to redistribute. Once you give power to the government, it’s nearly impossible to get it back and it will be used in ways you cannot expect.”






Cummings acclaimed

Editor: Lackawanna County Commissioner Laureen A. Cummings’ decisions regarding county government, policy, and her personal opinions are always well thought out and sensible.

Her only concern is the best interests of the county and its citizens.

Her leadership in refinancing county debt and consolidating county government has saved county taxpayers millions and ended sweetheart leases that were given to the politically connected. Is this disagreeable?

Her fight against a full county reassessment was agreeable to two out of three county voters. Why does nobody question the county judiciary for entertaining a lawsuit for a reassessment filed by only three of the county’s 212,000 residents? Why don’t any of our elected officials who are proponents of a reassessment have the guts to attach their names to this lawsuit?

Cummings spoke out about the dangers of opioids long before any elected

officials caught on to this dangerous situation. She was told back then she was incorrect. I don’t think anybody would disagree with her now.

Yes, Cummings is not liked by the county political establishment. Their only interest is giving themselves a bigger pot of money to spend, contracts for the connected and biased finance deals. Cummings is incorruptible, honest and truthful. This is a direct threat to the political establishment that runs this county.

These are all reasons I and her constituents will continue to support her and know she will fight to make Lackawanna County and its citizens better off now and in the future.




Ordering off menu

Editor: According to a recent report, there are 100 times more bacteria on a restaurant menu than on the average toilet seat.

I think from now on I’ll use an app to order my meals at diners. Maybe I’ll start up my own and rather than “Bon Appetit” I’ll call it “phone app, no seat.”