April 8, 2019

Increased reverence a soul will reap

Witnessing the symphony of baby asleep

No touch! No talk! A length’s gaze will do

For just a moment take in the view:

Such slumbering sweetness to behold

Puts all thoughts of trivia on hold

A radiant bundle in a package of time

That connecting pause to something sublime

Not manifested in the name or clothes

Is the glory in tiny fingers and toes

Invisible breath in a dreamy hush

Uncaptured by photo or artist’s brush

Born to a pauper or a wealthy prince

Captivating is any baby’s innocence

Matters not whose the baby may be

Are not little ones the pulse of society?

With no higher honor are we blessed

So savor the presence of each little guest

A confirmation is each precious soul

Erasing doubt of a Creator’s role.

Don Aslett of McCammon is the founder of The Museum of Clean, 711 S. 2nd Ave., Pocatello, and still enjoys giving tours to all visitors. Check out the museum’s website at www.museumofclean.com.