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Teen-aged Girl to Go Chin-to-Chin with Jay Leno

January 26, 1996

VISALIA, Calif. (AP) _ The girl they call ``Chinny-chin-chin″ says she’s been teased for years about her rather prominent jawline. So she went to the most famous chin in Hollywood to get some advice.

Now Jay Leno has invited 13-year-old Natalie Cron of Visalia onto ``The Tonight Show″ Monday so they can ponder their fate together.

The eighth grader, who has a severe underbite, wrote to Leno saying children have been teasing her since the fourth or fifth grade.

``They started calling me `chinny-chin-chin.′ I didn’t like it,″ she said. ``I still don’t like it, so I called Jay Leno and asked him for advice.″

Did schoolmates poke fun at him, too, when he was growing up?

Leno wrote back, sending Natalie an autographed photo and telling her not to let the teasing bother her. Then they chatted by telephone and by the end of the conversation, Leno had invited her to be a guest on his show.

``I was blown away by his invitation,″ said Natalie, whose jowls bear a stunning resemblance to that of the television host.

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