September 22, 2018

Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy like to tell the story of the time in 2008 when Rodgers, after separating his right (throwing) shoulder a week earlier, had to go down to the Don Hutson Center a few hours before kickoff and convince McCarthy and the team’s medical staff that he could play through the injury in a game that day against Atlanta. After he did, the quarterback and the coach thought they had an understanding that McCarthy wouldn’t call any passes beyond 15 to 20 yards downfield.

Then, on third-and-1 from Atlanta’s 44-yard line, McCarthy dialed up Fake 94 X Read, which was a deep pass.

“I remember looking over at him going, ‘I thought we took this play out,’” Rodgers recalled.

But Rodgers went through with the play and threw a strike to Donald Driver for a touchdown, one of three he’d throw that day. Since then, though, he and McCarthy have tried to be on the same page when it comes to what Rodgers can and can’t do when playing injured. The two were in sync last week against Minnesota as Rodgers played through his painful left knee injury that limited his mobility, and they need to keep that up this week against Washington.

“He’s got to know what’s up – meaning, what plays are up,” Rodgers said of McCarthy. “Can we do some (play) action? Or can we not? And that just depends on how my knee feels. I don’t think you can say because I did some of those things in the game that automatically I’ll be able to do that and more on Sunday. It depends on how I’m feeling.”

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