NEW YORK (AP) _ Despite losing 150 pounds and 20 dress sizes, Carnie Wilson says it's hard to get used to being thinner.

Wilson, part of the '80s female trio Wilson Phillips, underwent gastric bypass surgery in August 1999, which was broadcast live on the Internet. The 5-foot-3-inch singer now weighs 148 pounds.

``The hardest part has been to let go of that fat person,'' she says in the Jan. 15 issue of People magazine, which is on newsstands Friday. But she adds, ``I'm noticing men staring at me. And you know what? They're not just staring at my face; they're looking at my entire body. It feels wonderful.''

Wilson, 32, married Blush guitarist Rob Bonfiglio last year, and she's working on songs for a Wilson Phillips reunion album.