Katie Frazier: Collaborations are favorites in the makeup world

August 29, 2018
Ulta.com Youtube Beauty Guru "Nikkie Tutorials" is a Dutch make-up artiist who has collaborated with Ofra Cosmetics multiple times and has put out 6 different highlighters suitable for all skin colors, and 3 liquid lipsticks.

One of my favorite things to purchase in the beauty world is brand collaborations with my favorite beauty influencers.

What is a beauty brand/influencer collaboration you ask? It’s when a brand and an influencer collaborate and create a product together to sell. So many of these collaborations have been extremely successful, and it’s always nice to support the very person who influences your beauty purchases own creation.

Today we are going to talk about some of my top favorite collaborations ever.

Kathleen x Colourpop

Kathleen Lights, 26, of Miami, Florida, is a YouTube Beauty Guru with 3.8 million subscribers. Kathleen was one of the very first beauty influencers that I ever followed, mostly because of her fun personality and my ability to relate to her. Kathleen was also a military spouse and talked often about the struggles that I, too, was going through.

To this day, I can remember how excited I was for her first collaboration with the extremely affordable and good quality brand “Colourpop.” She came out with four super shock eyeshadows that was called the “Where the Light is” quad. I remember being so excited for that launch and was ready to purchase as soon as it was available. The quality was all perfect and I couldn’t wait to try more of Colourpop’s products. Kathleen has had multiple successful collaborations with Colourpop including nine different lipsticks, two lip glosses, a lip liner, two eyeliners, two eyeshadow palettes, two super shock shadow quads, two highlighters and two glitter shadows. My favorite to this date, is her Dream Street Collection, but I would highly recommend any of her collabs with this brand.

Kathleen has also successfully collaborated with other brands such as Morphe, Ofra Cosmetics and Makeup Geek. She now has her own line of nail polishes called “KL Polish” and I will be the first to tell you that it’s some of the best nail polish I have ever used. Kathleen Lights has never disappointed me with any of the products that she has came out with.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe

Jaclyn HIll, 28, of Tampa, Florida, is a YouTube Beauty Guru with over 5.4 million subscribers. As stated in my previous column, Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite beauty influencers in the game right now and has been from the beginning - literally. She was not only the first beauty influencer I ever followed, but the first YouTuber I ever subscribed to. Jaclyn has had very successful collaborations and actually was one of the first beauty influencers that a huge brand like Becca Cosmetics trusted to come out with a high quality product. That collaboration alone opened the doors for other bigger brands to trust the YouTube beauty world with creating quality products to sell.

With her Becca Cosmetics collaboration, she created a highlighter called “Champagne Pop” which is now a best seller and permanent in the collection, and after the major success of that highlighter, Becca and Jaclyn created a whole Champagne inspired line, which included a face palette, a new highlighter shade “Prosecco Pop” in liquid, cream, and powder formula’s, “Champagne Pop” also launched in those various formula’s, and two eyeshadow palettes.

Jaclyn Hill has successfully collaborated with Morphe Brushes five times now. Together, they released a Jaclyn Hill Favorites Eyeshadow Palette with 35 of Jaclyn’s favorite Morphe eyeshadows, they later gave her full control and Jaclyn created her own palette with her own amazing formula. Then they released Jaclyn’s Favorite’s Brush Collection with all of her favorite Morphe face and eye brushes. On. Aug. 14, Jaclyn and Morphe released their Vault collection where she put out four palettes full of the shadows that she created that didn’t make it into her original palette. Spoiler alert: It’s Katie approved.

Last week, Jaclyn and Morphe announced that they collaborated again. Jaclyn created her own brush line with Morphe which is going to include 24 brushes. You can buy The Master Collection ($165) which will include 24 custom eye and face brushes and a silver hard magnetic case, The Face Master Collection ($58) which will include five custom complexion brushes and a silver bag and The Eye Master Collection ($42) which will include eight custom eye brushes and a silver bag. You can use code “JACATTACK” for 10 percent off.

Nikkie x Ofra

Nikkie de Jager, 24, also commonly known as “Nikkie Tutorials,” is a Dutch YouTube Beauty Guru with over 10.7 million subscribers. I first learned of Nikkie Tutorials in 2015 when she made a YouTube video called “The Power of Makeup” where she put a full face of makeup on only half of her face and it quickly went viral. I fell in love with her personality right then, and have been subscribed ever since.

Nikkie is, in my opinion, one of the most artistically creative makeup artists in the game right now. She picks up some inspiration from other smaller influencers such as “mmmmitchell” and “staceymariemua” on Instagram, and always gives them the credit they deserve for the inspiration, which is very respected in the industry.

Nikkie has collaborated with Ofra Cosmetics a few times now, and has put out six different highlighters suitable for all skin colors, and three liquid lipsticks.

Ofra has one of my favorite liquid lipstick and highlighter formula’s of all time. Their lipsticks are so comfortable and long lasting and their highlighters are so buttery smooth and blinding, like my favorite one in the shade “Rodeo Drive.” So, of course, when one of my favorite beauty influencers collaborated with one of my favorite brands, I was super excited to support them both.

Nikkie also collaborated with Too Faced Cosmetics back in 2016 and created an eyeshadow/face palette, a purple mascara and added her favorite liquid liner from the brand to the bundle.

Amrezy x ABH

Amra Olevic, 30, better known as “Amrezy,” of Brooklyn, New York, is an Instagram and Pinterest beauty sensation who has 5.5 million Instagram followers. I honestly didn’t know who this beauty was until Anastasia Beverly Hills announced their newest collaboration with her about six months ago, but when I saw what she created, even just over the internet, I knew I had to have it.

The ABH x Amrezy highlighter is, to this date, my favorite highlighter of all time. I don’t know what kind of magic she put in this, but I have used that highlighter on myself and so many of my clients of all different skin colors and its so beautiful on them all. I pray that Anastasia Beverly Hills makes this collaboration permanent like Becca made Jaclyn Hill’s so I can have it forever. It’s that good.

Amrezy collaborated with ABH four years ago, as well, creating the ABH x Amrezy palette that had her signature shades that you would see her wear in her Instagram pictures.

A lot of these collaborations are still available to purchase now, and I recommend them all. What has been your favorite beauty collaboration? Tell us on my Facebook beauty group, Vanity Insanity. Until next week, beauties!

Katie Frazier is a freelance makeup artist from Genoa, W.Va. She operates a social media account for both her makeup looks “Katelynne Frazier MUA” and a group called “Vanity Insanity.”

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