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Barney Hanged at Halloween Attraction

October 27, 1993

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (AP) _ A Halloween attraction here featured the hanging of Barney in effigy as the executioner sang, ″I hate you, you hate me. Let’s get together and hang Barney.″

Natalie Simonson said the sight of the popular, purple dinosaur-TV host being hanged shocked her 3-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter.

″My son wanted to know if Barney would be on TV the next day because he’d seen him hanging,″ she said.

The hanging was part of the Colonial Heights Jaycees Haunted Forest. After Ms. Simonson complained, the Jaycees removed the executed TV host.

Ms. Simonson also objected to the singing, which parodied the theme song of the PBS show featuring the large, amiable reptile.

Jaycees club president Todd Resnick said he’d only received one complaint about the tableau and noted that volunteers warn visitors of Barney’s fate.

Ms. Simonson said the only warning she got was a sign that said the attraction ″may not be suitable for Barney lovers.″