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July 6, 1986

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Johnny Carson says he hopes to have several substitute hosts for ″The Tonight Show″ now that comedian Joan Rivers has given up the post to do her own late-night show.

″I’d love to see Bill Cosby do a few nights, or a week, if he ever has a free week,″ Carson said. ″I think it would be fun to have various people doing it. But I don’t know the direction we will ultimately take.″

Carson, in an interview published in Sunday’s edition of the Los Angeles Times’ Calendar magazine, was asked if he was hurt by Miss Rivers’ sudden departure from his NBC show to do a competing show on the Fox Broadcasting Network.

″I just felt she could have handled it differently,″ he said.


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - The crew of starship Enterprise will return to save Earth in ″Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home,″ said the organizer of an event that featured actors James Doohan (Scotty), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and George Takei (Sulu).

The three answered questions about Star Trek ventures posed by fans at ″Trek-A-Thon 1,″ said James Colbert, production manager of Chattanooga’s WDSI-TV, which sponsored the event attended by 4,500 persons.

A new weekly television series on the Fox Broadcasting Network was also mentioned as a possibility by the actors, and they said a fifth Star Trek film is already being planned, Colbert said.

The actors told fans that filming of ″Star Trek IV″ was complete and the film will appear in theaters December 5, Colbert said.

″There was not much said about it; they were sworn to secrecy,″ Colbert said. ″But it seems that it will be set in 20th century San Francisco.″

The film will star William Shatner as Adm. James T. Kirk, who is considered a space criminal for stealing and destroying the Enterprise in the previous film, and Leonard Nimoy (Spock), who also directed, the actors said.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Soul singer Teddy Pendergrass, who was injured last week in his second serious automobile accident, may be home from the hospital in a week, hospital officials said.

Pendergrass, 36, partially paralyzed from a crash here four years ago, was listed in good condition Sunday at Osteopathic Medical Center, a spokeswoman said.

Pendergrass, who underwent surgery for a gash on his liver after crashing his hand-controlled van into a utility pole in suburban Philadelphia, should be discharged in seven to 10 days, said hospital spokesman Gerald Hatzfel.

The singer’s nurse, Mary Deal, 48, of Philadelphia, a passenger in the van, was released Saturday from Lankenau Hospital after treatment for minor injuries, a hospital spokeswoman said.


HOLYOKE, Mass. (AP) - Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tracy Kidder, who has written bestsellers about the making of a new computer and the building of a house, plans to chronicle a year in the life of a fifth-grade teacher.

Kidder, who won his Pulitzer for ″The Soul of a New Machine,″ said he had planned to write a memoir about his year in Vietnam in the Army, but decided to write about teachers on the suggestion of friends.

With the help of Holyoke school administrators, he found Christine Zajac, 34, who has taught for 13 years. She said she was willing to face a year with Kidder and the attendant publicity because she believes the book will help her profession.

″I think it will be nice to have a book come out about what goes on in an average teacher’s day. It’s being everything: a counselor, a social worker, a friend,″ she said.

Kidder said he would begin researching the book this summer.

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