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Quotes From the O.J. Simpson Trial

June 20, 1995

Selected quotes from the O.J. Simpson case Tuesday:

``I’m sure the jury would be far more likely to convict a defendant as soon as they learned he previously shopped (at) the Bloomingdale’s.″ _ Deputy District Attorney Hank Goldberg, sarcastically responding to defense objections to testimony by a former Bloomingdale’s shoe salesman.

``I shop at Bloomingdale’s.″ _ Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr.

``Just like then, your honor, they are whistling in the wind. Your honor, this is the dying grasp of the prosecution.″ _ Cochran, on the prosecution’s case.

``No, I do not.″ _ Former shoe salesman Samuel Marc Poser, asked if he could remember selling Simpson any Bruno Magli shoes, identified as the type that left distinctive bloody prints at the crime scene.

``Now, Mr. Cochran _ he’s been mouthing off for the past 12 months. OK, Johnnie. All right, you know these _ these are baseless allegations of conspiracy to contamination. ... Now is the time to put up or shut up. OK. This is good evidence, strong evidence, competant evidence. It’s the kind of evidence that causes defendents to be convicted, all the time.″ _ Prosecutor Christopher Darden, commenting to reporters outside court.

``Mr. Harmon, can we get the monster out of here?″ _ Superior Court Judge Lance Ito, asking a prosecutor to remove a big light box from the courtroom.

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