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Civil Suit Filed Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct At Governor’s Mansion

February 26, 1991

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) _ The mother of a teen-age girl who said she was raped during a party at the South Dakota governor’s mansion has filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of her daughter.

The suit, filed Monday, seeks a jury trial and unspecified punitive damages from Scott Reiman of Pierre. Reiman and a son of Gov. George Mickelson were prosecuted in juvenile court last year on sex and drinking charges.

Reiman persuaded the girl, now 17, to attend the Nov. 28, 1989, party, got her drunk and had sexual contact with her, the lawsuit says. It also alleges that he dragged the naked girl through the governor’s mansion and encouraged others to have sex with her. It does not name the others.

The party took place while Mickelson and his wife were out of town.

During a two-day juvenile hearing last April, Mickelson’s son, David, and Reiman admitted underage drinking charges, but denied the sex charges. One of them was acquitted of non-forcible rape and the other was acquitted of assisting with a rape, but court officials would not say which one was charged with which.

Reporters were barred from attending the trial.

As part of their sentences for drinking violations, Reiman and young Mickelson were ordered to pay half the girl’s medical expenses.

Two other youths were charged with drinking violations only, and entered guilty pleas.

The governor refused to talk about the allegations while the issue was in court, but he later admitted his youngest son was one of the boys at the party. Mickelson also admitted David was one of those charged with a sex offense.

Reiman’s name had not been revealed by the media because of a state law barring use of the names of those involved in juvenile cases. However, he is now over 18 and was named in the civil suit, which is an open court record.

The suit says that the girl suffered numerous bruises and cuts, is now emotionally crippled and has required hospitalization.

It further alleges Reiman lied to investigators in order to protect others at the party, by claiming the girl walked around naked and had sex voluntarily.

″All the intentions of (Reiman) were done intentionally and with maliciousness, and reckless disregard for the rights and sensibilities of the plaintiff,″ the lawsuit says.

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