Women at Work: Possibilities are endless for a side gig

August 5, 2018

With the busy summer full of tourists in Lanesboro, one of the first questions I get at The Granary is, “Are you open all year round?”

My response is always, “Yes, but ...” I quickly fill in the remainder of the question’s answer by explaining I am a virtual assistant and writer who supplements my income spanning the colder months.

People with full-time jobs but who need more income can with a work-at-home side gig (or hustle). Being able to work on projects in your spare time and set your own deadlines are just a couple advantages over being scheduled at a retail store and having to answer to another boss.

Here are a couple side jobs you could do from home (some easy, some not-so-easy).

Did you know you could get paid to sit on your couch and watch television or take surveys? You sure can! For instance, signing up for www.inboxdollars.com will get you paid to take surveys, watch videos or online shop. How, do you wonder? Name brands want consumer input in products and services, so companies such as Inbox do the research for them by recruiting people to offer opinions.

Do you have a spare room, an empty downstairs or a vacant property? Try listing it on Airbnb and earn a little cash by doing very little. If you are a good host with a desirable property, you can add hundreds to your income with what you have sitting right in front of you.

Do you have a flare for the dramatic? Prefer the pen over the sword? Even if all you have is your own personal story to share, content writing might be for you.

There are several ways to begin as a freelance writer:

Begin by creating a portfolio. That’s just a fancy word for a body of work and includes things you’ve written for past jobs, projects you’ve worked on or even papers you’ve written for school. If you haven’t written for any online blogs, collect your writings and make a website to show them off.

• If you don’t have anything to show off, start a personal blog. Write about whatever interests you. After a few months, you’ll have an online journal that can also serve as your portfolio.

• Once you have something to show, start contacting local companies or ad agencies to see if they need help with content writing. Some agencies may even act as your go-between, interacting with clients and then telling you what the clients want. Also, consider writing guest posts for popular blogs or websites.

• There are job search websites for content writers available, like FreelanceWriting.com and ProBlogger.

Once you’ve gotten a company or website to bite, set your rate. Check online for the Editorial Freelancers Association ’s common rate chart.

If you’re good with kids, child care could be the work-from-home job for you.

Your first goal will be to get CPR-certified. Although not all caregivers have to be certified, the cream of the crop always are. For in-home day cares, a licensing or registration process is required. This will vary depending on the state and on how many children will be staying in the home.

How does sitting on the phone sound? Many different companies offer work-from-home telemarketing and customer service positions. A quick Google search will provide all the information you need. Although these are usually lower paying, they can be perfect for fitting in with other part-time or full-time jobs.

In today’s world, there are endless work-at-home opportunities that can provide a bit of much-needed cash. Choosing the perfect one (or multiple ones) for you just depends on your lifestyle and schedule.

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