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World Press Photo Award Winners

February 15, 2002

Here are the winners of the 2001 World Press Photo contest, which is sponsored by the nonprofit World Press Foundation, based in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam:

WORLD PRESS PHOTO OF THE YEAR _ Erik Refner, Denmark, Berlingske Tidende, ``The Body of an Afghan Refugee Boy is Prepared for Funeral,″ Pakistan, June.

SPOT NEWS SINGLES _ 1. Luc Delahaye, France, Magnum Photos for Newsweek, ``Northern Alliance Troops Ambushed by Retreating Taliban Forces.″ 2. Antoine Serra, France, Corbis Sygma, ``Body of an Anti-Globalization Protester Lies on the Street.″ 3. Richard Drew, United States, The Associated Press, ``A Person Falls from the North Tower of World Trade Center.″ Honorable Mention: David Surowiecki, United States, Getty Images, ``People Falling from the North Tower of World Trade Center.″

SPOT NEWS STORIES _ 1. Robert Clark, United States, National Geographic/Aurora for Time, ``Flight 175 Crashes into the World Trade Center North Tower.″ 2. James Nachtwey, United States, VII for Time, ``Shattered.″ 3. Tyler Hicks, United States, The New York Times, ``Northern Alliance Troops Execute Taliban Soldier.″

GENERAL NEWS SINGLES _ 1. Carlos Barria Moraga, Argentina, Diario La Nacion, ``Protest at Plaza del Mayo.″ 2. Lorena Ros & Dominic Ridley, Spain/United Kingdom, ``Immigrants from Africa Come Ashore, Tarifa, Spain.″ 3. Tiane Doan Na Champassak, France, Agence Vu for Stern ``Kumbh Mela Festival, Uttar Pradesh, India.″

GENERAL NEWS STORIES _ 1. Paolo Pellegrin, Italy, Magnum Photos for Newsweek, ``Civilians Patrol with Anti-Terrorist Troops, Algeria.″ 2. Tom Stoddart, United Kingdom, IPG, ``After the Earthquake in Gujarat, India.″ 3. Mat Jacob, France, Tendance Floue, ``Zapatista March, Mexico.″

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS SINGLE _ 1. Gulnara Samoilova, United States, The Associated Press, ``Survivors of the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers.″ 2. David Guttenfelder, United States, The Associated Press, ``Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat at a Funeral, Gaza City.″ 3. Kai Wiedenhoefer, Germany, Lookat Photos, ``Palestinian Fighter, Bethlehem.″

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS STORIES _ 1. Jan Grarup, Denmark, Rapho for Stern, ``The Boys from Ramallah.″ 2. Erik Refner, Denmark, Berlingske Tidende, ``Afghan Refugees, Pakistan.″ 3. Julien Daniel, France, L’OEil Public, ``On Broadway, 22-25 September.″

PORTRAIT SINGLES _ 1. Jodi Bieber, South Africa, Network Photographers for Learning for Life, ``Young Pakistani Girl.″ 2. Marco Di Lauro, United States, The Associated Press, ``Street Child, Kabul.″ 3. Pietro di Giambattista, Italy, Graffiti Press, ``Roma Girl.″

PORTRAITS STORIES _ 1. Tim Hetherington, United Kingdom, Network Photographers, ``School for the Blind, Sierra Leone.″ 2. Zijah Gafic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Agenzia Grazia Neri, ``My Family Album.″ 3. Peter Granser, Austria, for Stern, ``Sun City, Arizona.″

SPORT SINGLES _ 1. Fred Vuich, United States, Sports Illustrated, ``Tiger Woods Tees Off at the Masters.″ 2. Carlos Puma, United States, Press Enterprise, ``At Mexican Rodeo, California.″ 3. Jia Guo-rong, China, China News Service, ``Young Gymnast.″

SPORT STORIES _ 1. Alex Garcia, United States, Chicago Tribune, ``Boxing Gym, Havana.″ 2. Craig Golding, Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, ``Surf Lifesavers in Competition.″ 3. Jens Roetsch, Germany, Ostkreuz, ``Turbo Golf.″

THE ARTS SINGLES _ 1. Narelle Autio, Australia, Oculi Photos for Sydney Morning Herald, ``Little Ballerinas Return to Dressing Room after Performance.″ 2. Christian Keenan, United Kingdom, ``Couple Poses for a Portrait, Xinjiang Uygur, People’s Republic of China.″ 3. Fernando Marcos Ibanez, Spain, for Compania Nacional de Danza, ``Dance Rehearsal at Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid.″

THE ARTS STORIES _ 1. Gautier Deblonde, France, for Anthony d’Offay Gallery/Liberation ``Ron Mueck’s `Boy’ for The Venice Biennale 2001.″ 2. Shobha, Italy, Agenzia Contrasto/Focus, ``Senegalese Haute Couture.″ 3. Harald Schmitt, Germany, Stern, ``Music of the Aka Pygmies.″ SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SINGLES _ 1. John Costello, United States, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ``Corrective Surgery: Computerized Hand, Cooper Hospital, New Jersey.″ 2. Martin Sasse, Germany, Laif Photos & Reportagen, ``Waiting for Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery, Bangkok, Thailand.″ 3. Stefan Boness, Germany, Panos Pictures, ``Polio Vaccination at Health Station, Eritrea.″

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STORIES _ 1. Zijah Gafic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Agenzia Grazia Neri ``Quest for ID.″ 2. Christoph Gerigk, Germany, for Franck Goddio/HIlti Foundation, ``Underwater Archaeology, Egypt.″ 3. Olivier Grunewald, France, ``Space Meteorology: Polar Lights.″

NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT SINGLES _ 1. Genevieve Renson, France, for Geo France, ``Goliath Frog Catch, Cameroon.″ 2. Jim Lavrakas, United States, Anchorage Daily News for Sports Illustrated, ``Pike Swallows Rainbow Trout.″ 3. Viviane Moos Holbrooke, United States, Sipa Press, ``Fingerprinting Baby Orangutan, Indonesia.″

NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT STORIES _ 1. Jeff Mitchell, United Kingdom, Reuters, ``Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak.″ 2. Jozsef Szentpeteri, Hungary, Natura-Foto BT, ``The Swarming of the Long-tailed Mayfly.″ 3. Dean Sewell, Australia, Oculi Photos for Sydney Morning Herald, ``Australian Bushfires.

DAILY LIFE SINGLES _ 1. Michael Sheil, Ireland, Black Star for Anti Slavery International, ``Water Seller, Gabon.″ 2. Markus Jokela, Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, ``Sports Fans Scrambling for a Seat, Kinshasa.″ 3. Raul Ruberia, United States, The Miami Herald, ``Passengers of a Bus Searched by FARC Guerillas, Columbia.″ Honorable Mention: Aleksander Nordahl, Norway, Dagbladet, ``Mourning for an AIDS victim, Uganda.″

DAILY LIFE STORIES _ 1. Andrew Testa, United Kingdom, Panos Pictures for The New York Times, ``The Serb Train, Kosovo.″ 2. Francesco Zizola, Italy, Agenzia Contrasto for Max, ``The Nuba of Sudan.″ 3. Tim Dirven, Belgium, De Morgen/Panos Pictures, ``People of Afghanistan.″

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