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February 28, 2014

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The 86th Annual Academy Awards will be presented Sunday night in 24 categories at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles from 830p to about midnight EST, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and televised live on ABC. Locked in an extraordinary three-way race for best picture are “12 Years a Slave,” ″Gravity” and “American Hustle,” with “Gravity” destined to get the most Oscars because of its strength in the craft categories. The ceremony will be preceded by an ABC arrivals show, beginning at 7p EST. The AP plans extensive coverage of Hollywood’s biggest night across all formats...


Runup Enterprise:

We’re counting down to Sunday’s Academy Awards with a daily series of Oscar-related enterprise stories from around the globe and across all platforms. See customer advisories Tuesday and Thursday for a complete rundown. Here’s the latest:


Runup Spot Coverage:

The AP is covering a variety of pre-Oscar events this week, including receptions sponsored by the motion picture academy for the animation, foreign film and makeup categories. Other events include the Oscar show rehearsals, the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday and the Razzie Awards. Most of these stories will take the “Oscar Countdown” slug. See the daily Entertainment Digest for specifics.

Show Coverage (all times EST):


— BC-US--OSCARS. Mainbar by movie writers Jake Coyle and Jessica Herndon. A “laydown” setting up the evening’s running coverage will move by about 10a. It will be updated with writethrus beginning around 630p and again at about 730p and 830p with arrivals color, and then throughout the 830p-midnight ceremony covering award winners, acceptance quotes and host and show color. AP photos, AP video.

Separately slugged NewsNows independent of the mainbar chain will also be filed throughout the ceremony for all major categories, beginning with an expected supporting acting award at the top of the show.

A complete wrapup writethru should move quickly after the show concludes around midnight, with one or two additional WTs adding color, quotes and context. A new approach to the mainbar will move by 4a, offering a soft, analytical treatment.

The following separates are also planned:

— BC-US--OSCARS-SHOW BITS. A continuous feed of lively, colorful briefs and quotes by the AP’s Oscar reporting team from a variety of perspectives, including the red carpet, onstage, backstage, pressroom, audience, after-parties and the social networks. Will run from about 6p to 1a. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-SHOW BITS-PACKAGE. An assembly of the above Bits in reverse chronological order moving about every 30 minutes throughout the evening. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-LIST. A running list of winners in order of significance, updated every three to five awards throughout the show. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-FASHION. By Leanne Italie. Who’s wearing whom on the red carpet and does it work? First version should be filed by 8p, followed by more analytical writethrus. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-FOREIGN FILM. By Ryan Nakashima. A brief look at the winner in this category, including background, and quotes from onstage and backstage. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-DOCUMENTARY. By Ryan Nakashima. A brief look at the winner in this category, including background, and quotes from onstage and backstage. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-(WINNER NAME). Separates on the winners in the four acting categories and the best-director category will be filed on merits. If a separate is not filed on one of these winners, there will be a Show Bit item covering the win. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-WOODY ALLEN. By David Bauder. If “Blue Jasmine” wins actress or original screenplay, we will offer a look at any comments made about Woody Allen and his sexual abuse scandal. This would include anything from the stage, backstage questioning of Cate Blanchett if she wins and any social media postings by the Mia Farrow family. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-TV REVIEW. By Television Writer Frazier Moore. A critical appraisal of the Oscar broadcast moving soon after the conclusion of the show. AP photos.

— BC-OSCARS-XXXXXX. Spontaneous separates as warranted.


— BC-US--OSCARS-xxxxx. A story on merits by National Writer Jocelyn Noveck about what Oscar watchers are talking about at the water cooler the morning after the show. AP photos.

— BC-US--OSCARS-TV RATINGS. By Television Writer Dave Bauder. Will the Oscar show continue its rebound from the ratings depths of a few years ago. By Television Writer David Bauder. AP photos.

Contact: West Coast Entertainment Editor Steve Loeper at 213-952-1250, 213-346-3135 or sloeper@ap.org.

PHOTOS (Invision)

Runup Coverage:

Photos will cover selected pre-Oscar activities as Hollywood prepares for its big night, including various Academy celebrations for categories such as animated feature, makeup and hairstyling, and foreign language, plus rehearsals and the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday.

Show Coverage (all times EST):

Invision will have a team of photographers covering the Academy Awards from all angles, including the red carpet, press room, the Oscar ceremony, backstage, Governors Ball, Elton John party, Vanity Fair party and Night of 100 Stars party. Arrival photos will begin moving at about 5:30p.

Contact: Invision Director of Operations and Production, Ali Kaufman, 323-286-9677.


Show Coverage (all times EST):

AP Video will cover the red carpet arrivals live from 530-730p at http://new.livestream.com/aplive/oscars2014.

Broadcast customers will receive first arrivals and fashion at 745p via the Global Video Wire (GVW), followed by additional edits in the regularly scheduled Entertainment Late Americas bulletin at 9p and an additional Flash bulletin at 10p. First show highlights from the ABC telecast will feed at 1115p followed by full highlights at 1245a. Backstage reaction from winners will also be folded into those bulletins as available. The Entertainment Asia bulletin at 2a will contain complete backstage reaction and arrivals at the Governors Ball. The Entertainment Europe bulletin at 8a will include arrivals at the Vanity Fair after party. Customers receiving files via Mediaport or Video Hub can expect delivery close to those times. Online video customers will receive at least two natural sound edits from the red carpet by 10p, then a wrap of the night’s big story lines by 1a. Backstage and party wraps will follow by 8a.

Contact: Rob Merrill, coordinating producer, rmerrill@ap.org, 917-692-5323.


Show Coverage (all times EST):

AP Broadcast Entertainment Editor Michael Weinfeld and correspondent Ed Donahue will be broadcasting live from the Oscars throughout the evening. Weinfeld will be interviewing the winners as they come backstage and will file tape to AP Radio affiliates. After the show, Donahue will provide Oscars coverage in the AM Prep-Segue script for AP Broadcast Wire members. Weinfeld and Donahue will also produce radio pieces for morning drive.

Contact: AP BNC 1-800-243-3375.


A graphic is now available on Oscar-winner thank you speeches -- the different ways people offer thanks for their win, such as thanks to God, thanks to their families, to the academy etc.

Contact: Graphics Editor Phil Holm at pholm@ap.org .


A look at the films with the most Academy Award nominations, a mash-up of acceptance speeches and a quiz to test your Oscars knowledge. By AP Interactive staff.

Note: Customers who are not interactive subscribers can purchase these items at:



Contact: Multimedia producer Dave Clark, 212-621-7216, dclark@ap.org.


AP will tweet Oscar updates and results from the @AP and @APEntertainment Twitter accounts, and will post related content to the AP Facebook and Google Plus pages. Several AP journalists will also be tweeting from and about the Academy Awards on their individual accounts.

Contact: Social Media Editor Eric Carvin at ecarvin@ap.org or 212-621-7871.

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