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Boy Seen on TV Being Embraced by Saddam Gets Courage Award

December 20, 1990

LONDON (AP) _ Stuart Lockwood, a 5-year-old shown on television with Saddam Hussein when the British boy and other hostages met the Iraqi leader in August, was awarded a ″Child of Courage″ medal Wednesday.

The medal was presented by the Duchess of York, Prince Andrew’s wife, the former Sarah Ferguson, at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey. During the ceremony, 11 youngsters received medals for courage and bravery.

Stuart, who took the duchess’ hand and walked her to her car after the presentations, seemed especially interested in her auto. ″She let me look inside. It had big seats and a telephone,″ he said.

The world saw a different side of the boy in Iraqi TV pictures on Aug. 23. They showed Stuart standing next to the seated Saddam during a meeting between the Iraqi leader and a group of Western hostages in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital.

In the footage broadcast worldwide, a smiling Saddam was seen putting his arm around Stuart’s shoulders as the boy tried to shrink from the embrace. Saddam also patted the boy’s head in the staged show of affection, while an Iraqi military officer ruffled the boy’s hair.

The TV pictures, shown repeatedly, came to symbolize the vulnerability of the foreign hostages following Iraq’s Aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait.

Iraq said it staged the meeting between Saddam and the group to show that the foreign guests, as it called them, were well. But critics said the televised meeting was a cynical propaganda ploy by Saddam to use the hostages to try to weaken the coalition of foreign powers opposing him.

Stuart and his mother, 39-year-old teacher Glenda Lockwood, arrived back in London on Sept. 2 among the first foreign women and children to be released from Iraq. They returned on a plane with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who had gone to Baghdad to ask for the release of foreigners.

Stuart’s father, Derek Lockwood, a 43-year-old engineer, arrived in Britain to rejoin his family on Dec. 10 after Iraq’s decision to free all foreign hostages.

Mrs. Lockwood said Wednesday that Stuart had been emotionally ″clingy″ after his return to Britain. But she said the boy had reverted to his normal outgoing self following the return of his father.

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