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Two Men Arrested In Mascot’s Death

July 18, 1985

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Two men arrested after an anonymous tip have admitted killing Freddy the Alligator, the 16-year-old mascot and star zoo attraction who was stoned and hacked to death with an ax, police said.

James D. Jones, 19, and Thomas Feldkamp, 20, were charged Tuesday with burglary, grand theft and the killing of an alligator, police Lt. Jerry Winebrenner said Wednesday.

″The motive is that they wanted some alligator meat, which is very delectable,″ Winebrenner said. ″It also goes for a pretty good price.″

The alligator was killed Monday in his longtime home at Dreher Park Zoo.

Freddy, an American alligator, had been the most popular attraction at the zoo for 14 years. He also was the official mascot of the South Florida Water Management District for 16 years.