RC’s NYC Pizza creates barbecue menu with Kingwood-based Texas Q sauce

February 14, 2019

Can’t decide whether to eat pizza or barbecue? RC’s NYC Pizza gives you the opportunity to try both in a collaboration with Kingwood-based Texas Q.

RC’s Pizzeria Owner RC Gallegos and Texas Q Founder and President Sloan Rinaldi have teamed up to bring dishes like a pizza topped with brisket slices smothered in Texas Q’s sauce.

RC’s NYC Pizza will have a soft launch of their new barbecue menu from Feb. 22-27, and it will officially be in all three pizzeria locations on March 14. The eatery has locations in Kingwood, Valley Ranch in New Caney and The Woodlands.

“Barbecue and pizza I think are two of the most popular items, especially in Texas,” Rinaldi said. “You’re always in search of an incredible pizza experience, (and) you’re always in search of an incredible barbecue experience. I think with both of those combined you’re going to find the richest guy and the poorest guy in the same place enjoying the same experience.”

Gallegos and Rinaldi have been working together for quite some time coming up with creative ways to infuse barbecue and pizza together. Not only will they be serving barbecue pizza, but they will have traditional barbecue plates on the menu as well.

“Sloan’s barbecue is phenomenal. The day I got to try it I was blown away,” Gallegos said. “It’s almost like a religious experience having barbecue and then having pizza, not so much in Texas, but in New York and Italy … so combining the two gives us an opportunity to do what we don’t do. We get to be trendy because we’re bringing two awesome cuisines together.”

Gallegos mentioned they have tried to incorporate barbecue with their NYC style pizza into their menu before, but it wasn’t a big hit. The pizzeria owner feels confident with Rinaldi’s award winning barbecue sauce and pitmaster techniques their new barbecue pizza will be a big hit.

“Our barbecue wasn’t real barbecue,” Gallegos said. “Barbecue in Texas is smoked meat. Our barbecue was barbecue sauce and baked chicken; just because it had barbecue sauce on it we were calling it barbecue. … Partnering up with Texas Q we’re really going to elevate it with a superior product of meat and sauce and serve it on an award-winning dough.”