Letters To The Editor 9/4/2018

September 4, 2018

Shelter defender

Editor: I have been a supporter of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter for many years.

I have been there and it has never looked better. It is modern and spotless. The workers I have been in contact with are kind and helpful. They respect the animals and do their best to make them comfortable, but they need support, not unfounded criticism.

They have 50-plus dogs and many more cats at the shelter. These dogs would not have a safe place to go without the facility. These dogs are not puppies from the south, small dogs or purebreds, such as some of the area rescues that bash the shelter take in. Many of the dogs at Griffin Pond are pit bull-type dogs and similar mixes that deserve help the most. Many are seniors and large mixed dogs that come in with severe neglect, requiring months or years to overcome.

To the people who want to see the facility close, I wonder if they will take those dogs at Griffin Pond into their homes or rescue facilities. If not, go to the shelter and, instead of making trouble, walk the dogs, play with the cats. Share their pictures on social media to help get them homes.

Griffin Pond isn’t a home. It is a temporary spot to land safely in a time of need before the animals are adopted. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Get involved to make it better for the animals and easier on them, not harder. The negativity slows donations, slows adoptions and makes members of the community think twice about going there. The community needs to come together and help the animals. If you truly love animals and want what’s best for them, show it in a positive way.




Stuttering help

Editor: The Aug. 20 Times-Tribune story about a Scranton boy who had a speech difficulty and taught himself to read during therapy was very positive and upbeat in a way that gave hope to parents of children with speech disorders.

The article was a strong witness to the important role that speech therapists play in the well-being of children. I want to mention an aspect of child speech therapy that may not be known. Early speech therapy can reap great results, as was evident in the news article.

Parents of children with speech issues should know that every child in the U.S. has the right to free speech therapy due to federal legislation that was adopted 43 years ago. The free therapy can begin in preschool and run throughout the high school years. It covers all types of speech problems.

A brochure, “Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter,” is available for download on the website of the Stuttering Foundation (www.stutteringhelp.org), a site that has great resources for children and adults who stutter. Again, the free speech therapy encompasses all speech problems, not just stuttering. If more parents knew about this amazing benefit of free speech therapy, then more children could be helped.




Reversing advances

Editor: Vehicles overtook power plants as the nation’s largest contributor of carbon dioxide emissions last year, yet the Trump administration proposes to repeal two milestone Obama-era pollution standards.

The administration’s proposed Clean Power Plan replacement, the proposed Affordable Clean Energy rule, ignores the immense gains made in renewable energy and energy efficiency while burdening U.S. citizens with a dirty, obsolete coal fleet. Sixty-two percent of all new electricity generation in 2017 came from wind and solar.

The administration pits consumer preference for gas-guzzlers against the supposed waning interest and sales of more efficient vehicles in its proposed repeal of President Obama’s clean car standards. The Trump administration claims fossil fuel prices will hold steady until 2050. Can we rely on this rosy prognosis?

This year likely will be recorded as the fourth-hottest ever, with the top three being the three previous years. Emissions of carbon dioxide definitely cause climate change. Increasing fuel efficiency requirements may contribute to increased costs of new cars and trucks, but consumers will invest in better fuel economy. Smaller cars could lead to more crash fatalities, but that’s only because others insist on driving gigantic vehicles. Efficiency is not dangerous, our fascination with tank-like automobiles is.

As for the new proposed rule, the name is a misnomer. Existing coal-fired power plants release more greenhouse gases per unit of energy produced than any other electricity source. Their continued existence may sustain a substantial workforce in the short term but the rapid decline of coal power nationally ensures those jobs will be lost eventually.

Economic statistics aside, it’s a moral and ethical issue. More renewable energy plus more fuel-efficient cars leads to lower carbon emissions, which lessens global warming and we all breathe cleaner air.





Hawking nominee

Editor: Why have Republicans for Crisis Control put ads on television for a nominee for Supreme Court justice?

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the court shouldn’t be discussed until after the midterm elections. Republicans wouldn’t give President Obama his rightful choice when he nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. They stonewalled the process. Therefore, President Trump shouldn’t have this pick until after the election.

The Supreme Court is supposed to be without emotion or politics. This guy is rigged and thinks the president is beyond the law. It is outrageous how Republicans want to try their case in the media to favor their agenda. Ads for Supreme Court justice nominees should not be allowed.

This country is for the people, not the corporations and fixing the court to try to save Trump.




Intolerant strategy

Editor: Could it be that ultraconservative author Ann Coulter unwittingly told us the real reason why President Trump and Republicans, their supporters in the media and Congress so strongly oppose accepting legal and illegal immigrants into the country, don’t want to offer them citizenship and want them to be deported?

Coulter has argued that the real reason why Democrats are so concerned about the plight of immigrants is they believe that if they can get most of their votes one day, that will probably always win the presidency and control of Congress. Thus, Republicans simply want to prevent this from happening.

If so, then it’s really all about votes and who will control the presidency and the Congress.



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