Gov. Ricketts wins handily over Sen. Krist, earns second term

November 9, 2018

LINCOLN - Gov. Pete Ricketts wins nearly 60% of the vote, easily winning re-election for another four years.

“Just a couple of minutes ago, I spoke with Sen. Krist and he conceded the election,” Ricketts told a cheering crowd gathered at the Regency Marriott in Omaha. “I’m grateful to the people of Nebraska who have given us the opportunity to continue to work on the great foundation that we have already built.”

Ricketts and his running mate Mike Foley received 392,336 votes, according to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office; 59.43% of the vote total. State Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha and his running mate, Senator Lynne Walz of Fremont, received 267,787 votes; 40.57%.

Ricketts, a Republican, had been projected to win from the beginning of the race, but says he never considered he had it made.

“You never want to take anything for granted,” Ricketts told Nebraska Radio Network. “We wanted to make sure we got the message out to Nebraska voters about why we thought we deserve a second term.”

As for Krist, he says he has no regrets.

“No. Nope,” Krist told Nebraska Radio Network. “Lynne and I, every time we turned a corner, we made a decision together and that’s the way our administration would have worked. So, I have no regrets. Maybe we missed one or two ice cream shops we should have gone to, but no, no regrets.”

Krist said Democrats are moving in the right direction, despite the losses in the governor and senator races.

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