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Hull: It’s Time for a Confession

February 24, 1998

ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Brett Hull wants the U.S. hockey players who trashed rooms at the Olympic village to step forward and apologize so other team members don’t have to ``suffer.″

The St. Louis Blues star was blamed in initial reports, along with Chris Chelios, Gary Suter and Joel Otto. Hull angrily denied it, vouched for his suitemates and threatened to sue those ``slandering″ him.

Hull said Monday he knows which players caused $3,000 in damage to the rooms and furniture but won’t reveal their identities because it’s not his place.

``There comes a point in time where you have to stand up and be a man,″ Hull told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. ``It’s up to the people who did it ... to come forward and have respect for the other players and say, `It was me. I apologize. It was a stupid thing to do.′ There’s nothing that can be harder, but bigger, to do.

``Hopefully, we’ll find out who did what, and we can get some apologies out so the rest of the people who weren’t involved don’t have to suffer,″ he said.

Hull said an NHL official gave him the names. But NHL spokesman Arthur Pincus said today that the league has not finished its investigation and does not know which players are involved.

Hull was critical of some media coverage of the team in Nagano, Japan, particularly reports that some players, including Hull, were out late two days before their game against Team Canada. CBS taped Hull and Chelios singing at a karoake bar.

``We went out and had a few beers. What’s the big deal?″ Hull said. ``It wasn’t the night before a game. Why was it blown so out of proportion? Whether we were at a strip club or a bar, whether we were singing or we weren’t, it had nothing to do with anything.″

Team USA players also were criticized for not attending the women’s gold-medal game against Canada. Hull said players wanted to attend but were ushered to a team dinner.

``We’re just cattle,″ he said. ``We go where we’re told.″

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