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Chronology of Events in William J. Schroeder’s Life on Jarvik-7

August 6, 1986

Undated (AP) _ Here is a chronology of the events in William J. Schroeder’s life on the artificial heart:


Nov. 25 - Dr. William DeVries implants the Jarvik-7 heart in William Schroeder.

Nov. 27 - Schroeder asks for a beer.

Nov. 29 - Schroeder gets - and drinks - his can of beer, calling it ″the Coors cure.″

Nov. 30 - Schroeder becomes the first person to test the portable air drive for the artificial heart.

Dec. 2 - In an interview with DeVries, Schroeder says: ″I can breathe, I can breathe so normally. When I came in here, I had about 40 days to live and I knew that I was getting weaker and weaker and weaker. Since this operation, I feel like I’ve got about 10 years to go right now.″

Dec. 12 - President Reagan calls with get-well wishes, and Schroeder asks him for help getting Social Security benefits.

Dec. 13 - Two Social Security Administration officials deliver a check by hand to Schroeder. Hours later, he suffers his first stroke.


Jan. 2 - Schroeder walks unassisted for the first time.

Feb. 19 - Schroeder leaves the hospital to sit briefly in a wheelchair in the parking lot.

March 14 - Doctors announce that Schroeder is not well enough to attend his son Terry’s wedding two days later.

April 6 - Schroeder moves to the specially equipped apartment.

April 13 - He pays a visit to the home of DeVries and Dr. Allan Lansing.

May 6 - Schroeder suffers his second stroke.

July 10 - Schroeder takes a carriage around at Churchill Downs to promote a charity drive.

Aug. 4 - He visits his hometown of Jasper, Ind., for a summer festival.

Aug. 11 - Schroeder moves back to the Humana apartment.

Nov. 10 - Schroeder suffers his third stroke and is returned to the hospital.


June 19 - DeVries tells Schroeder that Murray Haydon, another permanent artificial heart recipient, has died.

Tuesday, Aug. 5 - Schroeder’s family is called to his bedside after he takes a turn for the worse.

Wednesday, Aug. 6 - Schroeder dies at 1:35 p.m. EDT.

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